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I'm closing my shop! 
Everything is discounted.
Several fixtures and most furniture is for sale.
Please check the business Facebook and Instagram for weekly hours and closures. 
Last day? As soon as I can get things sold and out.  I'm shooting for the end of May.

*All longarm work has dedicated time in the mornings and evenings.  This closure and move back home will make you the priority with quicker turnarounds*


April 5 & 6, April 9, April 16-19
May 10-15 
Then let's try to have everything out!!


Most of you know my story but some of you are new here so here we go...
My shop has been a fantastic adventure!  Every day is literally like "playing store" with old friends and new ones.  It's truly been the most fun but it also came with a LOT of work.  The shop's success is probably the biggest reason for closing.  Sounds crazy, right? Well, here's the deal...Even on the days when I should have been dedicated to the longarm, I found it impossible to stay in back when anyone came in.  Talking with all of you about your quilts and your life has made this so much more than a business.  My fear was that in trying to do it all alone, even until I could find a replacement {never!} for Jaysie, it would cause me to be limited on the personalized service and individual attention I could give to each of you.  Yesterday (April 2) confirmed that there is NO WAY one person can handle a shop this busy.  

Also, I need to be able to have more family time.  If you haven't heard, we will be first-time grandparents in September!!!!!! And you know we travel to Colorado a few times a year to see our loves there. So without someone completely responsible and trustworthy to take care of the shop while I travel, I was freaking out. 
Plus, I need to slow my 61 year old roll.  Even the B-12 can't help me these days.   

The decision to close wasn't easy.  I battled with it almost 24 hours every day.  But once I made the decision, I was very much at peace.  Does that mean it's easy saying good-bye to y'all?  Nope.  Yesterday almost killed me.  Physically and emotionally.  You all have become a really big part of my days and weeks but maybe now we can get together and fun sew!  

Longarming - this is what I'm doing in the mornings, some evenings and part of the weekends.  I will have all quilts in the queue completed before the move.  
After that - I will return to longarm quilting in my studio in Port Neches.  You'll see your turnaround times change to within the week for most edge to edge work.  My studio is separated from the house and has its own access.  
So, with that, we move into the next phase and I need you to hang tight!  The hours will be wacky for the next couple of months.  I will be closed for things that were previously scheduled or that come up.  It's just me so please be patient.  I'll do the same.

Thank you so very much for all the support, kindness, love and friendship.  

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